Pinterest Sign Up – Create Account

Among the many social media platforms prevailing in today’s world, Pinterest is one of the uniques ones. It is not a sharing website but actually an application that helps you find new images, GIFs, and videos. You can create an account which is pretty simple and this post on Pinterest Sign Up will walk you through the process.

Pinterest works as a web and mobile app that recommends you “Pins”, which can Images, videos, or GIFs. According to what you have selected during the sign-up, it shows you pins based on your interest. You can select from a lot of categories available on the app’s database.

In order for you to be able to use the app’s services, you need to sign up or register for an account. The process is pretty straightforward which you can find out in the next section.

Pinterest Sign Up Account Registration

As Pinterest is available on the web as well as an application, you can choose either one of them to sign up for an account. Both the methods are official so you can choose either one and it will work just fine. If you are a new user, then follow the steps below to Create Pinterest Account.

Pinterest Sign Up

  • Open the website from this link on a browser on your PC or mobile device.
  • You won’t have to find the Sign-Up page as it is right there on the homepage.
  • All you are going to need for Pinterest Sign Up is your email.
  • Simply enter your email in the first field.
  • After that, create a password that you can easily remember and enter it the next field.
  • Click on Continue and answer some questions to create your Pinterest Sign Up profile.

This is the basic and simple method to register Pinterest Account. But you can also choose to sign up with Facebook or Google to make it easier. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Instead of using your email, simply click on one of the two links below the sign-up window.
  • Now, it will take you to the Facebook or Google Login page depending on which one you chose.
  • Log into your Google or Facebook Account.
  • Then, the application will import your data and create your account.
  • If you are already logged into those accounts on your phone, then it becomes very to log in.

So this completes the Sign-Up procedure. As you can see, you can create Pinterest Account in three simple but efficient ways.

This ends the article on Pinterest Sign Up. We hope that this article has been easy for you understand. We have illustrated the sign-up procedure in a detailed manner. If you need to know more about the app, then you can check out our other articles on PinterestLogin.